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Mushin Do Combat Aikido

Mushin do combat Aikido school is dedicated to teaching and exploring the practical applications of Aikido principles. This means that we teach traditional Aikido techniques and look at how we can apply these to practical self defence for modern times.

Because we are not affiliated to any association we are not bound by any tradition, but we still uphold it and respect it. We have no desire to justify what we do with any so called authority or master from Japan.

As much as we love Aikido and recognise its potential as a self defence system our twenty years plus training has led us to believe that it has some serious holes in it such as the use of atemi, the absence of kicks and sweeps, grappling and ground fighting with all its corollary locks and chokes etc, and its limited use of weapons such as the stick and knife.

For many Aikidoka this is a hard truth to swallow and many just simply ignore it or deny it, which is why Aikido finds itself in a bit of a martial arts limbo. This is because it combines the physical with the spiritual and most practitioners favour either one or the other and sometimes try to embrace both without any real knowledge of either. Fortunately in Msuhin do we have a lot of experience in both and feel confident that what we teach is both valid and true.

To facilitate what we now teach we had to make some difficult decisions about what we teach and how we teach it. We also had to decide whether we were preserving the tradition for its own sake or did it still have meaning for us. We decided that in order to be true to the spirit of Budo and Aikido we had to diverge from the tradition and the static forms that exist within the traditional aikido cannon. In order to do this it was decided that a new name be adopted to reflect the experimental direction that we wanted to travel, and so Mushin Do Combat Aikido was born.

About twelve years ago we discovered the Russian martial art of Systema and began to learn this alongside our Aikido not really knowing that at the time the two would eventually fuse together. So, for some years we trained and taught the two arts Aikido and Systema separately and in parallel. We found that Systema filled a lot of the holes that we found in Aikido, Sytema was like the glue between our Aikido techniques. This also prompted us to look at what other martial arts had that we could apply to our Aikido practice which was extremely fruitfull and we discovered that all Bona Fide martial arts systems are basically the same at root. This also prompted us to explore the roots of our own Primary art of Aikido through such like as Daito Ryu Aiki ju-jitsu, Aiki Ju-jitsu, Ju –jitsu etc. which were the foundations of present day Aikido. We also re-visited our own early training in Karate, kickboxing, Kung Fu, and Tai-Chi which provided us with an abundant and almost infinite source of knowledge.

In Mushin Do Combat Aikido we do not claim to promote a new style of martial art or a new branch of Aikido, nor do we claim to be better or superior to any other martial art. We consider ourselves to be students and explorer’s of the martial arts looking for the best ways to deliver and build a genuine and trustworthy self defence system. We have found that the principles of Aikido, some of its techniques and movements fortified with those of Systema and other periphery martial arts to be most valid and legitimate.

Above all we are about creating warriors and cultivating the warrior spirit latent within each of us that are attracted to the martial path. Thus the name Mushin Do, the way of no mind. The intention being that with diligent and devoted training one does not have to think about what to do when faced with a violent, threatening, or stressful situation. One responds with control and equanimity rather than react with panic and fear. We allow Takemuso Aiki to develop, which is the spontaneous arising of techniques or responses. These two concepts are represented by the Kanji on our emblem.

Practice Day & Times


19:30 – 21:30 Aikido Practice. Fee £5.00


Concessions for students, O.A.P's & unemployed:

Aikido Practice. Fee £4.00


Bill Smalley - 5th Dan Coach

Alan Lock - 5th Dan Coach

Mark Hesford - 1st Dan Coach

Craig Dobson - 2nd Dan Coach

What You Should Know

When Do We Train?

Monday evenings between 19:30 and 21:30.

What Do We Wear?

Traditional Japanese Gi or loose fitting clothes.

Who Can Learn

Male and female sex students from 18 years are welcome, there is no maximum age.

Does It Hurt

Not during practice; Aikido is a non-competitive martial art and the techniques are learned in a controlled fashion.

How Fit Do I Need To Be?

Aikido will help you to get fit. As with all physical activity it gets easier with time. Don’t worry if you aren’t fit to begin with.

When Was The Club Founded?

The club was founded in 1965.