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History of Chorley Budo Aikido

Chorley Budo aikido club began in 1965 founded by Mr. Marion Mucha (1919-1998) a polish ex-patriot and world war two veteran who was sent to Britain to recuperate from injuries sustained in combat operations during the war. Eventually Mr. Mucha married and settled in this country.

Already a 1st Dan in judo Mr. Mucha became interested in Aikido after seeing a demonstration at a judo competition in London by Sensei Kenshiro Abbe. He quickly became a student of Sensei Abbe and later spent several years studying with Sensei Kazuo Chiba, then resident in Sunderland.

Mr. Mucha was one of the first wave of students in this country to learn aikido and he was the first person to open an aikido dojo in Lancashire. As more and more people became interested in aikido more clubs were open throughout the North West and an association had to be formed which became the Lancashire aikikia.

Sadly Mr. Mucha passed away in 1998 bequeathing Chorley Budo Aikido club to his senior student William Smalley 5th Dan. Subsequently Mr. Smalley has handed over the running of the club to his senior student Alan Lock 5th Dan.

In October 2011 the decision was made to leave the Lancashire Aikikai and become independent due to irreconcilable differences. This has allowed us to focus purely on aikido practice without the internal politics so that we can deliver the best teaching to our students. The club continues to thrive under the helm of Sensei’s William Smalley and Alan Lock and in 2015 two long term students where awarded Shodan grades Mark Hesford and Craig Dobson, now instructors in their own right.

In 2017 it was decided that the club needed re-vitalising so we to change the name to Mushin Do Combat Aikido to reflect the practical and experimental direction we are taking.

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